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Tufford Nursing Home

St. Catharines’ premier accredited Long Term Care Home designed to provide quality care and services to 64 long term care residents. Our Home was professionally designed to reflect the cultural heritage and uniqueness of the community it serves. Built around an inner courtyard, the Home provides an enclosed, professionally landscaped outdoor sitting area with each floor overlooking the beautiful gardens.

Our reputation rests on the highest ethical conduct and values in dealing with residents, families, staff members and our community. Our values are based on trust, caring, respect and quality..

We recognize and believe in the fundamental principle that Tufford Nursing Home is a home to our residents, therefore we fully promote and identify with their rights to independence, personal choice, dignity, security, safety and participation in decisions affecting every resident’s lifestyle.

We would be delighted to have you visit our website and hope you enjoy learning about our home and the care that we are committed to providing.

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